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Air France concert search engine takes off

Air France has launched a search engine through which users can buy concert tickets and the flight tickets to get there simultaneously.

Through its partnership with General Pop, BETC’s entertainment production entity, Air France has developed its concert search engine ‘Never Miss Out’.

Users can select from a list of nearly 300 artists worldwide, with the search engine only featuring dates where there are still tickets available. 

It will then redirect music fans to a third-party ticket seller and match Air France flights to bring the buyer to the concert.

According to a study conducted by the YouGov France research institute, more than three-quarters of French people are prepared to travel to see a concert by their favourite artist. More than a quarter of them would be willing to travel abroad to see the concert.

The airline has a strong connection to music already after it launched the Air France Music label in 2010, in collaboration with BETC Digital and General Pop.

Image: shbs