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NY Mets sign two-way messaging partner Teckst

The New York Mets have linked up with two-way messaging provider Teckst to boost communication efforts between the team and its loyal fans.

Teckst allows real time, human-to-human text and mobile messaging between Major League Baseball fans and the franchise itself, creating an improved fan experience.

Mets staff will be able to use the platform to streamline the sales and service process through creating a more efficient outreach channel as an additional inbound option for fans looking to buy tickets, and as a more convenient channel for their ever-evolving client.

Teckst text-enabled the Mets reps’ existing office phone numbers and integrated with their CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, so messaging could happen alongside all other communication channels without needing to use an outside platform. These steps ensured a seamless experience for reps and accurate attribution and analytics for management.

For added convenience, the Teckst mobile app, which is fully integrated with CRM, records all text and mobile messaging conversations so reps and fans can talk on their own time without the organisation losing any visibility into activity.

“Sales and service reps were already texting fans to accommodate their schedules and preferences, but it either didn’t get logged into the CRM or the rep had to take time to do it manually,” said Kenny Koperda, NY Mets senior director, new business development.

“The Teckst integration allows messaging, which was already happening informally, to become a documented and measurable part of the sales, service, and fan engagement process.”

Image: Pxhere