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Max Verstappen’s ticketing platform releases GP passes

Tickets for fans of Dutch Formula One racing driver Max Verstappen have been released through his ticketing platform Verstappen Travel for Grand Prix events in Austria, Hungary and Belgium next year.

Fans have the opportunity to get package deals to buy passes to sit in a Verstappen fan stand F1 Grand Prix events.

The 3,055 available tickets for the Max Verstappen Premium Tribune in Austria are exclusively available through Verstappentravel.nl.

The Dutch driver was reportedly involved in selecting the stands, so they will have some of the best views of the action on the track.

“It is unbelievable that so many Dutch fans travel to these circuits to encourage me. That is really great to see! Especially when it’s so much orange and still all together in my own gallery,” Max said. “I hope to be able to count on that support again next year.”

All those who purchase a ticket for the Verstappen stand will be in with a chance to win race items from Max, such as his helmet, overalls, racing shoes, gloves, nomex top and balaclava.

Following the Grand Prix in the Austria, Max will raffle the items to spectators at the Max Verstappen Premium Tribune.

Image: Morio