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Ticketing start-up gets funding from Spotify, Waze

Australian ticketing start-up Get has secured investment from early investors in Spotify and Waze.

Get has raised $3.4m from Hong Kong’s Click Ventures and Vertex Ventures – the venture capital fund of Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund Temasek Holdings.

Liang started the company in 2016 and it has gained 220,000 users across more than 500 clubs at universities in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

According to the Financial Review website, Liang said his motivation for the business came after working part-time as an event promoter during university, selling tickets to nightclub events.

“Ticketing for our events (at UNSW) was almost impossible … there wasn’t a tool for tertiary institution clubs to collect payments and most societies were having to use a range of tools including Eventbrite, Google Docs, Mailchimp and Excel, and fit them all together to try and make it work,” Liang said.

“Get brings all those tools together … and when friends on the platform buy tickets to an event they can see what they’re buying.

“If you see 1,000 people on Facebook saying they’re going to an event it means nothing, but when you see that a friend has committed money to something, that shows intent and you’re more likely to go too.”

Get charges a flat fee of about 30 cent per transaction, as well as taking a percentage.

It is the second round of funding after previously having raised $500,000 in angel funding for the venture.

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