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Ticketron returns to US marketplace

Ticketron, formerly a major player in the US ticketing market, has returned to life following the completion of an effort to reacquire the brand from Ticketmaster.

Ticketron was first formed in 1969 and held a significant presence in the marketplace until it was bought by Ticketmaster in 1991. The brand has since lain dormant, but the Ticketron Network last year acquired the complete Ticketron brand as well as the federal trademarks from Ticketmaster.

With the acquisition complete, the Ticketron Network is now reinventing the Ticketron brand online. Ticketron is now offering customers premium seating and tickets to otherwise sold out events. The first two sites of the Ticketron Network are fully functional in the form of Ticketron.com and Ticketron.us.

“The initial response to our return as a trusted source for event tickets in the online community has been overwhelming,” said Ticketron chief executive Anthony Vicente. “We were not sure what to expect, nor were we sure if many would remember the impact Ticketron had in the event ticket world.

“Well to say we are more than pleased is an understatement. Customers have welcomed us back, understanding the trust and reliability in purchasing tickets from such a well-known brand. Our ultimate goal is to create an entire network, utilising all of the domain sources available and with our acquisition of Ticketron.com, .net, and .org, as well as our successful filing of exclusive United States Trademarks we are well on our way to executing the plan.”

Vicente added: “Online ticketing has opened the door to many unscrupulous businesses and call centres who pretend to be companies they are not, online users now have a brand they know and a brand with nearly 50 years of rich history to fall back on. Ticketron is alive and well and from our initial launch we know that we will succeed in the reinvention of our brand.”

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