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Premier League has most expensive tickets in Europe

The Premier League has, on average, the most expensive season tickets in Europe by a long stretch, according to a study by The European Football Index.

In England, the average season ticket will set fans back a whopping £516, compared to just £159 in Germany for their cheapest Bundesliga tickets. That marks a 225 per cent difference in price.

Spain’s LaLiga charges its supporters £205 on average for a season ticket, while Italy’s Serie A is slightly higher at £225.

The average cost of supporting a French Ligue 1 team is just £172, with Paris Saint-Germain charging the most in the league at £383.

The most expensive season ticket from all four leagues is Arsenal’s at £891, while the cheapest goes to LaLiga’s Leganés at just £98.

For single match tickets, the Premier League also has the most expensive, on average, at £28.50, while the cheapest goes to Ligue 1 at £9.

Image: joshjdss