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Sports Events 365 expands into China

International ticketing provider Sports Events 365 has continued its expansion by adding a new site in China, bringing its customer access up to 21 languages.

The Mandarin-language website marks the 22nd site for the company and will run in cooperation with Yoza Tour International Guangzhou.

The site will also offer call centre services in Cantonese, China’s second largest language primarily spoken in the southern regions of China.

“China is on the way to becoming our largest market,” said Sefi Donner (pictured), founder and chief executive of Sports Events 365. Donner reportedly predicts sales of $3-4m in 2019.

The Chinese have shown a particular interest in football in England, Spain and Italy as well as American sporting events, primarily baseball.

Sports Events 365 has ticket allotments for major sporting events in key European markets that enable tour operators, airlines and other tourism companies to build package tours.

“A tourism service provider who says ‘no’ to a customer requesting a ticket to a sporting event as part of the provider’s service, is liable to lose that customer,” said Donner.

Sports Events 365 said it plans to expand its partnerships to other sectors, for example hotels and hotel chains, that can take advantage of its offers of tickets to sporting events as part of a hotel package in order to increase customer loyalty and minimise cancellations by potential guests.

“The digital transformation is driving tourism entities into an unprecedented race for new growth engines that will differentiate them from others and attract customers who will remain loyal to the brand or agent,” said Donner. “Our offering, reliability, and service allow tourism entities to achieve all these objectives in the sports and live events travel sector.”