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Parody tickets for Viagogo trial listed on eBay

Spoof tickets for Viagogo’s High Court trial against the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) – or “the most anticipated court case since the OJ trial” – have been listed on eBay. 

The tickets read: “The High Court of Justice presents Viagogo vs The Competition and Markets Authority,” with the seller’s description confirming “this agreement is not governed by Swiss law.”

The seller tells buyers that it is their “chance to own two very sought after tickets” and that they are now unable to attend the event due to a change of circumstances.

The listing continues: “I am reluctantly parting with this pair of tickets to the most anticipated court case since the OJ trial.

“Unlike elsewhere, I am not looking to profit from these tickets. I can no longer attend and simply want for the tickets to go to a good home. Therefore I am listing them at a starting value of just 99p. Postage + Packing will be free within the UK.

“I have listed the tickets here on eBay where the charges are fair and transparent and are only placed on the seller. This means that the winning buyer will not be subjected to extensive buyer charges / booking fees. The buyer will only pay the amount listed at the end of the auction and no more.

“I can also confirm that I am not a promoter or employee of any of the involved parties and that these are not primary tickets that were made available directly to a reseller platform on the day of release or prior. These are tickets that I obtained from the venue when they were on general sale.

“Do not miss out on this historic event. You can be one of the first to witness if it will be a Viagogo or a Vianono.”

Image: eBay listing from caramangas