TicketSoft has become the first firm to provide a full-service resale solution to Walt Disney World’s new uniform, single-day ticket pricing.

TicketSoft has enabled major ticket resellers like Kissimmee Guest Services (KGS) in Orlando, Florida, as well as several others, to be able to launch their online web properties, including a box office solution for concierge desks and remote onsite locations. TicketSoft allows KGS to support their guests with a seamless checkout process that supports Disney’s new daily pricing.

Sean Waterhouse, chief executive of KGS, said: “TicketSoft has enabled our company to provide our ticketing websites and our ticketing partners a solution to Walt Disney World’s daily pricing rollout. In addition, the software allows us to add and utilise different resale channels and assist guests like never before. This was a huge rollout and we have not experienced any downtime.”

Earlier this year, Walt Disney World revamped its ticketing website to include date-based pricing as a result of its “ever-growing popularity”.

Customers can now plan all their trip details and buy tickets that have been priced based on the date of the visit.  Using the new interactive calendar, guests can see the lowest-priced days during a month and select their dates based on that.

TicketSoft supplies clients with operational efficiencies, reporting, analytics as well as turnstile-ready e-tickets for various attractions and events throughout the US.

Kristi Gomen, chief executive of TicketSoft said: “Our cloud-based ticketing solution makes it easy for ticket resellers to expand very quickly. We’ve added several enhancements on our e-tickets to assist them in offering specials, additional ticket offers and the ability to deliver e-tickets directly from the box office.

“The partnership with KGS has been exceptional. We are looking forward to growing and launching new enhancements in the next quarter.”

Image: Diana Kelly