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Brighton CEO threatens loss of season tickets for reselling

The chief executive of Brighton and Hove Albion, Paul Barber, has urged fans to avoid buying tickets from resale sites, threatening loss of season tickets and a ban on any future ticket buying.

The Premier League club received several complaints last season after passes appeared on unauthorised resale sites and on social media even though the games had already sold out.

Brighton has reminded its supporters that the club website is the only place to purchase tickets for home and away games.

Barber said: “We thought it was important to relay this very important message regarding the unauthorised sale of match tickets.

“It is very concerning and frustrating that tickets are being offered for sale in this way, especially when fans looking to secure their seats using the proper channels are missing out.

“We also had a number of instances last season where fans with the necessary loyalty points purchased tickets and chose to offer them for re-sale, and, in some cases, over and above the face value price rather than attend the match to support the team.

“It appears that these individuals have no intention of attending the match, and have bought tickets simply to profiteer, gain loyalty points, or both. We would remind these individuals that the unauthorised sale or transfer of tickets to a football match is a criminal offence under UK law.

“The simple message to all our fans is to only purchase via the club’s official ticket website, and not to allow these individuals to benefit.

“We would warn against our supporters purchasing tickets, offered for sale in this way, and any individual caught selling on tickets will automatically lose their season ticket, be banned from purchasing tickets to home and away matches in the future, and will have their loyalty points entirely revoked for breaching our ticketing terms and conditions.”

Image: James Boyes