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FlipTix signs third parter to utilise ‘unused time’ app

FlipTix, the tertiary ticketing firm that sells “unused time,” has partnered with Stage Left Entertainment, a boutique live event production company.

FlipTix allows users to either sell or buy tickets when attendees exit a venue. Ticket holders who exit prior to the end of an event simply press “I’m gone” in the app, which notifies users outside the event that a ticket is available.

Prices will be set automatically based on the amount of time remaining (in combination with the score for sports events or weather for outdoor events). Sellers receive remuneration in the form of cash, credit, merchandise or gift cards. Buyers either pick up their activated wristband at a designated FlipTix location at the event venue or get a digital ticket delivered directly on their phone.

“Partnering with FlipTix is smart business for us,” said Stage Left Entertainment’s Nick Abate. “Now, for every show or festival we produce, we can give this option to ticket-buyers making shows even more accessible.”

The deal marks FlipTix’s third strategic partnership, having launched in June at Scottsdale’s BLK Live and recently “flipped tickets” at Southern California’s KAABOO-Del Mar festival. Additional partnerships will be announced in coming weeks, the firm said.

FlipTix founder Jaime Siegel added: “We’re excited to partner with Stage Left Entertainment, as they are producing events around the country.

“For concert venues, it’s really a ‘no-brainer’, as “flipping tickets” opens up additional revenue streams, including food and beverage, souvenirs, parking, etc. But we created FlipTix for the concert-goer, to make their event experience as memorable as possible.”

Stage Left Entertainment’s first “FlipTix” ticketed festival will be in Spring 2019. Details will be announced shortly.

Image: Pixabay