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Finland’s Lippupiste teams up with Arena at Tampere Deck

Finnish ticketing company Lippupiste has entered into a 10-year partnership with the new Arena at Tampere Deck project.

The ticket sales and marketing agreement grants Lippupiste exclusive rights for the promotion and sales of all events at the arena, including Tappara and Ilves ice hockey matches, along with other sports and entertainment events.

The Arena at Tampere Deck is due for completion in 2021 and will have a capacity of up to 15,000 for concerts and 13,000 for ice hockey matches.

Timo Nieminen, executive vice-president of Finnish construction firm SRV, which is behind the project, said: “The agreement with Lippupiste marks a milestone in the whole project timeline. This long-term agreement with the leading partner of event sales and promotion in Finland will secure the stable development of the Arena with long-term efficiency in event marketing. Lippupiste and its big data solutions will help us with Arena’s event sales and marketing both nationally and internationally.”

Lippupiste chief executive Ari Palhamo said: “We are creating a new concept for the events culture in Finland, which means that the customer is not only visiting a concert or attending to game but also experiencing and being entertained with the overall experience the Arena facilities have to offer. We are offering a unique ecosystem of organisations and data solutions that support all visitors and event organisers in information sharing and targeted event marketing.”

Lippu.fi has launched a smart venue concept that incorporates Finland’s most extensive data solutions, digital marketing services and its own customer relations and service centred that will be located at the Arena.

Nieminen added: “Tampere Deck and Arena will be open all year round, and not only on particular event dates. The facilities will include an authentic entertainment centre connecting Arena to numerous restaurants, a hotel and an international-level casino. The various services in the Tampere Deck area will invite visitors from near and afar thanks to excellent transport connections and accommodation facilities.”

The Tampere Arena forms part of the extensive Tampere Deck project built by SRV that will offer sports, culture, leisure activities, and lifestyle and business experiences. When finished, Tampere Deck will provide approximately a thousand new apartments, 285 hotel rooms and numerous sports and cultural events.

Image: Tre Arena