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RnB Fridays Live fans demand refunds after ‘worst concert ever’

Music fans of last weekend’s RnB Fridays Live concert in Melbourne, Australia, are demanding refunds after the show was reportedly plagued with issues.

Fans of the upcoming Sydney gig are now rushing to resell their tickets after many revellers called the Melbourne event the “worst concert experience ever,” pointing to sound problems and overcrowding.

According to the Daily Mail, many of those who bought passes for the Sydney gig, which has been sold out, are looking to resell them for as much as Aus$50 less than what they paid.

The Melbourne attendees have been taking to social media to express their anger and urge the organisers to issue refunds after the sound blew out and they experienced several safety issues among the crowd.

A Facebook page titled: ‘RnB live Melbourne robbed us…refund our money now’ was made after the show, claiming the event organiser – Frontier Touring – was “greedy and didn’t care about the customers’ experiences.”

RnB Fridays Live, which features Usher, T-Pain and Salt n’ Pepa, costs Aus$111.99 per ticket and can resell for as much as Aus$356.67.


The organisers released a statement, which said: “The organisers of RNB Fridays Live in conjunction with Marvel Stadium are currently in the process of working through complaints that were received following the Melbourne concert.”

It added: “For reasons we are still looking into, this move has led to some issues which have been the subject of recent media commentary. It is worth pointing out that RNB Fridays Live Events were held in Perth and Adelaide over the past few days without incident, as have 14 other RnB Fridays Live events since 2016.”

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