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Apple cites StubHub in iPhone antitrust case

Apple says that ticketing and other digital-focussed sectors will be thrown into chaos should it lose an antitrust case to be heard by the US Supreme Court today (Monday).

The justices are to hear the iPhone maker’s arguments in a lawsuit that could force it to cut the 30% commission it charges software developers whose apps are sold exclusively through Apple’s App Store.

The company said allowing the lawsuit to proceed would be dangerous for the e-commerce industry, which increasingly relies on agent-based sales models. Apple cited companies like ticket site StubHub as well as its owner, eBay.

While Apple claims it is simply a marketplace for developers, the lawsuit says the California-based company monopolises the process, including a requirement that prices end in .99 and that iPhone apps are only available through the App Store.

The plaintiffs claim the monopoly leads to inflated prices compared to if apps were available from other sources.

Image: JESHOOTScom