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KORE boosts sponsorship with SponServe acquisition

KORE Software has acquired sponsorship activation management software SponServe to become the “most robust and popular sponsorship and inventory management platform in the industry.”

KORE, the global leader in business management software for sports business intelligence, sponsorship and season ticket sales enablement, sees more than $10bn in sponsorship assets flow through its platform every year.

“We’re delighted to welcome SponServe to the team and are extremely excited to see it as part of the KORE suite of products, expanding our efforts globally,” said Todd Cusolle, chief executive of KORE Software.

“KORE’s fundamental aim to help businesses sell smarter, act faster and engage deeper are perfectly complemented by SponServe’s approach. Ultimately, it is a business which allows brands and rights holders to spend less time reporting and monitoring their partnerships, and more time building relationships with one another. The fit for us is perfect, and we look forward to showcasing our new enhanced offerings to customers.”

KORE’s capabilities for managing inventory, maintaining a financial sub-ledger, building profitable partnerships, and delivering advanced reporting and analytics combined with SponServe’s cloud-based platform will provide customers a user friendly tool for the entire sponsorship lifecycle.

The acquisition will also expand KORE Software’s international footprint. Having served upwards of 450 professional and college sport clubs, leagues, properties and brands across the world, the addition of SponServe increases that number to more than 550, including teams in every major global market.

“With KORE’s backing, this is a great opportunity for SponServe to expand its operations and support more businesses around the world,” said SponServe’s managing director, Mark Thompson.

“Originally, we wanted to create a system that automated the administrative tasks around fulfilment and delivery, providing total oversight across inventories to maximise the time clients spent building relationships. Today, we sit as global leaders in that field, and I’m extremely proud of the work the team have done to get here. Alongside KORE, we’ll be able to take SponServe to the next level.”

Image: Keith Allison