Swedish football club AIK has launched a new loyalty card that allows diehard fans to purchase a season ticket that lasts a lifetime.

The Infinity Card will be a valid season ticket for as long at the supporter lives, with the cards already on sale, along with 2019 single-season tickets.

The new loyalty card will cost SEK189,100 (£16,300/€18,266/$20,780) – a nod to the club’s founding year of 1891.

Last season, AIK recorded its highest attendance figure for one single campaign, welcoming 23,664 spectators on average through the gate. It also broke its single-game record with 50,128 fans at the Friends Arena.

“We’re proud to welcome people of all ages, occupations and backgrounds to our stands,” said Fredrik Söderberg, AIK’s marketing director.

“As a celebration to this commitment, we’ve created the Infinity Card. Even though it might not be a bestseller, it’s an important reminder that AIK is always there for you, no matter what.”

Image: Greger Ravik