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UEFA backs English fans in price cap row

UEFA has backed English football fans in their bid to cap ticket prices for away fans in Europe after the Sevilla pricing row.

The governing body for European football said it is aware of the issue of clubs inflating pricing for travelling fans, and is ready to put a cap on tickets.

Earlier this year, Manchester United fans were forced to pay £89 for tickets to travel to Sevilla in the UEFA Champions League. This represented a significant hike on the usual price of £54.

Liverpool supporters were also forced to pay £73 for their semi-final trip to AS Roma, while Valencia increased prices to £72.

President Aleksander Ceferin told SunSport: “We know about the problem. It would be good to do something to cap prices. It’s absolutely not correct that away fans are being charged five times more than the local ones. The clubs are using tricks to go around the regulations. So maybe the solution is to say what is the highest price that can be charged to away fans.

“Football is played for the fans and if the fans are treated improperly or not the same as the home fans, that’s simply wrong.”

But Ceferin ruled out dropping prices for the Champions League final.

He said: “Tickets aren’t too expensive for the best sports event in the world. Compare it to the Super Bowl, they charge eight to ten times more  — and we are bigger.”

Image: Rubén Vique