Sports Events 365 has launched its service in Hungary, expanding the international ticket provider’s offering to 21 languages.

The Hungarian website will offer tickets for tens of thousands of football and sporting events worldwide.

The website allows fans to buy tickets online to sporting events year-round primarily in Western Europe and North America. The Hungarian site currently has an emphasis on Italy-based events, as the country is currently the most popular destination for Hungarian sports tourists. The website also offers call centre service seven days a week.

“We expect revenues of several hundreds of thousand euros from the Hungarian website in the first year of operations and a substantial increase in the second year,” predicts Sefi Donner, chief executive of Sports Events 365.

According to Sports Events 365, Hungarian sports enthusiasts are big fans of the Italy’s Serie A matches, which currently account for over 80 per cent of all ticket purchases.

The company also said that Hungary’s sports fans are interested in the Spanish and English football leagues, as well as handball and water polo games, two sports in which the country’s teams excel. Sports Events 365 claims it has already dealt with requests for events in these two sports.

Donner adds: “Twelve years of experience and our good relationships with big-name European teams offer a sense of security for Hungarian customers using our website to purchase tickets.”

Donner notes that talks are underway with Hungarian travel companies, as well as affiliates, to transfer their B2C activities over to the Hungarian site.

The firm’s plans also call for doubling the number of Hungarian affiliates that Sports Events 365 works with following the launch of the website.

Image: oscar federico bodini