Banks are reportedly still monitoring customer accounts for fraud, following Ticketmaster’s data breach that affected thousands of customers.

Ticketmaster admitted it had been hacked by “malicious software” on third-party customer support product Inbenta Technologies, which works with the ticketing giant.

The skimming system takes the data from people when they enter credit card information onto a website.

Lloyds Banking Group have been reissuing cards to the Ticketmaster customers that had been involved in the hack.

The breach affected up to 40,000 Ticketmaster customer who had bought tickets online between February and June 2018. The hackers obtained names, addresses, email, telephone numbers and payment details.

Meanwhile, the Royal Bank of Scotland has reportedly warned its customers to continue checking their transactions and urged them to alert the bank of any unusual activity.

“We are aware of the data breach at Ticketmaster and are currently working through the impacts of this to best protect our customers from any fraudulent activity as a result,” said a spokesman, according to the Audience magazine.

Though HSBC is not yet reissuing cards, a spokesman said: “We have put in place additional monitoring on cards that may have been affected by recent issues, but we are happy to replace a customer’s card if that is their preference.”

The hack affected one per cent of Ticketmaster credit card customers, according to the ticketing giant.