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Odeon’s dynamic pricing sees tickets up to £40

Cinema fans in London have expressed their anger at the new Odeon in Leicester Square listing ticket prices up to £40.

The cinema chain, which has employed a dynamic pricing model for its new location, said the ticket prices vary on demand, seat location and what film is showing, with the £40 price for the best seat at peak time.

The screen has been refurbished, with 800 seats and hi-tech Dolby Cinema audio.

Some people are taking to Twitter to express their outrage, with one saying: “Mary Poppins Returns is now on sale at the newly revamped Oden Leicester Square, at the bargain price of – HOW MUCH?!”

While another said: “I don’t think Odeon understands the difference between a live event and the cinema.”

Odeon said in a statement to the BBC: “The first week of the biggest film of the year during the festive season is obviously peak, and guests can expect prices will flex throughout the year.

“With tickets starting at just £10 for every show… it offers fantastic value compared to tickets for other popular destinations like the theatre, concerts or live sports.

“Price choices vary and flex depending on a number of factors including seat type and location in the auditorium, what we’re showing, time of day, and the number of people booking at one time.”

Image: Odeon