The average ticket price in the Premier League for the 2018-19 season is £31, according to a study by the top tier of English football.

More than a quarter, around 26 per cent, of attending fans pays £20 or less per match, while almost half of fans pay between £20 and £40.

Twenty four per cent pay between £40 and £60, while only three per cent pay more than £60.

For the study, in the case of season tickets purchased, a price per match has been obtained by dividing the cost of a season ticket by the number of matches it covers. For example, a £400 season ticket for 19 PL matches is £21.05 per match ticket price.

All average ticket prices quoted include any booking fees or administrative charges incurred when purchasing tickets.

From 2016-17 away tickets in the Premier League have been capped at £30, but this season more than a quarter of these tickets bought are priced below the cap, at £26 or lower. Indeed, some are available for as little as £5.

“The hard work of clubs to fill their grounds combined with the loyalty of fans has led to record attendances across the Premier League, with stadium utilisation at 96 per cent for four consecutive seasons,” Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore said.

“Clubs have a range of ticket prices and there is some excellent value on offer. We hope this research encourages new fans to consider attending a game for the first time.

“More than half of all Premier League club fans pay £30 or less per match to attend, whereas higher-priced tickets, often cited to reflect the cost of going to football, make up only a tiny percentage of what is available.

“We hope this study will help inform people of the range of prices available, provide some facts on what the majority of Premier League club fans are paying, and encourage new fans to consider attending a game for the first time.”

Image: LIHD Leicester City