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New app claims to be Tinder meets StubHub 

A new app has launched which claims to connect “like-minded people” through events they are interested in, with the platform compared to Tinder meets StubHub.

WillCalled is currently in a beta version and all the events listed are contests, with two tickets going to a randomly selected winner.

The users are connected to a Tinder-style dating pool, accompanied by pictures and small bios, which people can swipe right or left to chat with people if there’s a mutual interest.

If users win tickets, “they’re yours to do what you want (with),” co-founder Ken Madson said, according to Nashville Business Journal, which could include a date with an app connection, or bringing along someone else.

Madson and the app’s other co-founder Lex Lipsitz said they hope to add full ticketing functionality next year. It would allow users to buy tickets directly through the app, and then connect them with other interested parties.

In addition to ticketing, the pair hopes to include in-app advertising and a subscription option that can give users a variety of premium options or upgrades.

Image: Richard Riley

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