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Free tickets to the opera for ‘rowdy’ teens

The English National Opera (ENO) has launched a free ticket scheme for young people, with chief executive Stuart Murphy hoping to see “rowdy” teenagers at the London Coliseum.

Free passes will be given to anyone under 18 to the Coliseum’s balcony seats for the Saturday night performances of its spring 2019 season.

Murphy said, according to the Evening Standard newspaper: “We were founded on the belief that opera is for everyone. Removing cost as a barrier to entry for under-18s is a seismic leap forward for ENO and for opera as a whole, and we hope to entice as many under-18s as possible, from the musically obsessed, to the just plain curious.

“We want young audiences to feel alternately passionate, rowdy, excited and transfixed.”

Up to 5,500 tickets could be handed out to under 18’s as part of the scheme. The programme includes productions of La bohème and The Magic Flute.

The 2,359-capacity London Coliseum is located in St Martin’s Lane, Westminster. It was built as one of London’s largest and most luxurious “family” variety theatres.

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