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Keyper joins Oxynade to counter resale ‘problems’

Austria-based software developer Keyper and Belgian white label ticketing firm Oxynade have joined forces to develop technology to “counter the increasing problems of the current secondary market.”

Keyper has a digital software service focused on unpaid or paid ticket transfers, while Oxynade acts as an eTaaS (eTicketing as a Service) provider specifically focused on delivering modular architecture to ticketing agencies and ticketing distributors.

Keyper said in a statement: “The demand for integrated B2B white label ticketing solutions will continue to increase in the upcoming years as fragmentation and consolidation continues. Keyper and Oxynade provide customers with two ultra and hyper customisable technologies that are totally synchronised and bring additional value.

“The strategic partnership between Keyper and Oxynade targets the entire European and international market, giving both companies an important competitive advantage in expanding their international business.”

The partnership will result in a platform that is based on the Oxynade white label ultra-scalable platform, which has an API first model. Those companies are able to accelerate their growth into multiple (additional) market segments without the need to invest further in development and technology.

The statement continued: “The partnership increases the strategic mobility of both organisations. The innovative orientation of both services enables more intensive development of additional markets as well as the fundamental further development of the digital ticket process in the market.

“Keyper will allow further access to the culture and event market, while Oxynade can both expand its product portfolio and enter other new additional networks.”

Image: Keyper