Dutch blockchain ticketing company GUTS Tickets has unveiled an initiative that allows customers to donate all the money paid above the face value to charity.

Promoters and artists can use this dynamic pricing approach for all of the tickets up for sale, or for a certain section of the venue, or even just a single seat in the front row. The surplus is then donated to a charity of the performer’s choosing.

With dynamic pricing, when the price is determined by demand, there will often be a surplus above the original ticket price.

GUTS community manager Olivier Biggs said in a blog post: “The reason scalpers have prevailed for such a long time is the high demand for shows, combined with the fact that tickets up until now have, for all intents and purposes, been tangible bearer papers.

“People simply have to go and in the past have seen no other option than to pay the hefty premium that’s forced down their throats by scalpers, who essentially hold the tickets hostage and can get away with charging whatever they choose. 

“We want to use this high demand and leverage it into doing good for the world.”

Image: GUTS