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Football fans urged to avoid club loans for season tickets

Football fans have been urged to avoid obtaining loans from their club’s provider to pay for the high costs of a season ticket, as interest and fees can add up to an additional 36.3 per cent.

The warning comes to avoid the steep loan rates as half-season tickets went on sale yesterday (Wednesday).

Some clubs provide supporters with access to credit through third-party finance providers so that they can pay for the season ticket in instalments. While many fans rely on these options to spread the cost, interest and fees can become astronomical.

There are some smaller clubs that offer the same option without fees or interest.

Premier League clubs promote deals averaging 12.71 per cent, according to credit report provider Noddle.co.uk, which analysed loans for the 2018-19 season.

This is in addition to some clubs asking for £29 to £40 admin charges. Fulham advertises the highest rate in the Premier League at 21.5 per cent, including a £30 admin fee to pay off a ticket over nine months.

Championship club Preston North End has a 36.3 per cent charge, while League One side Bradford City sets the rate at 28.5 per cent.

Fifty per cent of fans told Noddle they felt they had been priced out of matches. And experts have been urging supporters to look elsewhere for loans.

Noddle managing director Jacqueline Dewey said, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Fans should shop around as rates vary so widely. A loan eligibility checker will tell you whether the rate on your season ticket loan is right for you.”

Image: Kieran Clarke