YouTube Music and YouTube Premium subscribers in the US will have exclusive access to a dedicated pool of Coachella tickets for this year’s events.

While the festival tickets will still be full price, the YouTube subscribers will not be up against the major demand for passes on when ticket sales open today (Friday).

The move is an expansion on YouTube and the music festival’s partnership, via which Coachella has been livestreamed on the site for the last eight years.

As part of the extended deal, the livestream will feature curated live experiences for second weekend acts, including special performances, artist vignettes and behind the scenes looks.

YouTube has more than 1.8 billion signed-in users a month, though YouTube Music has struggled to obtain subscribers to the same level.

The Coachella tickets will be available for both weekends of the festival, with YouTube members receiving an access code via email to purchase their passes.

The partnership will also see integrated playlists based on YouTube video links to the Coachella website and festival app.

Image: Alan Paone – Sunset