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LiveXLive outlines growth plans

LiveXLive, a digital media company focused on music concerts and festivals, has said the next stage of its development will be focused on driving greater awareness of events for fans located across the world.

Founded in 2009, LiveXLive delivers real-time coverage, commentary and performances from live music events around the globe, holding partnerships with the likes of Live Nation, AEG and Insomniac, a US electronic music event promoter.

The company’s portfolio of over 27 festivals includes EDC, Life Is Beautiful, HARD Summer and Rock In Rio. Speaking to the Forbes website, LiveXLive chairman and CEO, Robert Ellin, said he sees an opportunity in opening up events beyond those that purchase a ticket for the physical experience.

“You can turn on your television and watch the AMAs or The Grammys, but nobody ever really gets to see the live experience,” Ellin said. “There’s an even bigger problem that starts with discovery. I sit in my office with powerful people across music, content and technology — and nobody knows all of the top live events, or even has a list of all the live events happening in Los Angeles.

“In New York, there’s probably 500 live events happening on one night in a weekend. For that reason, the focal point driving the next iteration of our app is discovery. It’s about consumers actually knowing where things are happening so you have the opportunity to see it.

“In the end, what we’re really delivering is a digital festival. Every day, at the tap of your finger, you will have the ability to access live music events around the world. With the help of our partners that have all built these amazing experiences, we can give millions of consumers the best seat in the house.”

Moving forward, Ellin said LiveXLive is keen to use its Live Zone service to encourage fans to follow bands and artists across the world. He added: “The heart of each experience is the Live Zone. From there, we roll out extensions in the form of original programming.

“At Rolling Loud, we introduced five original programs, using the platform to shoot pilots and experiment with original programming ideas that will continue to grow. We want to create shows that travel, moving from festival to festival around the world.

“By doing that, viewers can follow their favourite artists across the festival circuit, while also being able to build a community of fans around these artists. We want people to be able to actively follow their favourite festival, favourite artist and favourite genres year-round.”

Image: Rolling Loud