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TicketPlan expands into Poland with STBU

UK ticketing insurance and protection firm TicketPlan has launched its service in Poland after teaming up with insurance brokerage STBU.

Under the agreement, both firms will be able to launch new TicketPlan facilities in Poland and, potentially, throughout Eastern Europe.

Graham Berg, chief executive of the TicketPlan Group said: “Poland has a rapidly growing live event and ticketing market and an increasingly affluent customer base.

“Cultural, regulatory and legal differences require a good, strong and reliable strategic partner and STBU were able to fulfil all of those requirements.

“TicketPlan has almost 20 years of experience within this sector and an internationally recognised brand and STBU have provided local knowledge, expertise and experience. We are all excited by the enormous potential of this opportunity.”

STBU is considered one of the largest insurance brokerages in Poland and works with more than 500 businesses in the country. 

TicketPlan’s portfolio also includes the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, and it also launched in Italy in early 2017.

Image: Kaboompics.com