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Machu Picchu ticketing made stricter

Machu Picchu has introduced a new ticketing policy involving time-stamped entry to manage the increasing number of tourists visiting the site each day.

The UNESCO World Heritage site in Peru introduced time entry in 2017 in an effort to deal with its growing popularity and to counter the effects of foot traffic on the archaeological site. It has been estimated that over the past few years, more than 2,000 people visit Machu Picchu each day.

The new system is even stricter with hour-specific time slots. Tourists will need to book a slot between 6am and 3pm, and arrive within an hour of the entry time or they will be turned away.

Visitors can only book tickets through a tour operator, online at the official Machu Picchu site or at the designated office in Cusco, Peru.

The attraction has also begun incentivising visitors to take the later morning and afternoon slots, as many have been more inclined to book the early morning slots to have a full day at the site.

People who take one of the 9am to 12pm slots will be given free access to the on-site museum, while tourists who book from 12pm to 3pm will get free access to the Raqch’I archaeological site, which sits just south of Machu Picchu.

Image: Poswiecie