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Ticketbud optimises mobile checkout

Austin-based ticketing firm Ticketbud has launched its new mobile-optimised checkout with enhanced user interface and integrations with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The online ticket sales and event registration firm has implemented the update to help boost ticket sales for organisers.

Kayhan Ahmadi, chief executive of Ticketbud, said: “In the ticketing industry, one of the biggest drivers of purchase conversion is a good mobile interface. In 2019 Ticketbud is rolling out the best mobile ticketing experience in the industry.

“We have a new checkout flow and interface, with Apple Pay and Google Pay fully integrated in the checkout experience. It’s as easy as clicking a button.

“Reducing the friction at checkout allows event organisers to convert more sales from their event page. We’re excited about this latest rollout and are already deep into other projects expanding our mobile optimisation.”

Last year, Ticketbud updated its tracking and scanning methods for its Check-In mobile app to improve verification at the gate. It allows organisers and managers to have better oversight, and track check-in and sales at the door.

Image: Ticketbud