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SeatGeek joins Cargo’s ride-sharing product distribution

SeatGeek has partnered with in-car vending company Cargo, a move that could see ride-hailing passengers save as much as $30 (£23.17/€26.30) on tickets and access exclusive deals.

The company is a product distribution channel that connects riders with products and brands whilst using a ride-sharing app.

Customers enter their driver’s unique code into the mobile menu to see available SeatGeek tickets, and can then checkout using a mobile wallet or credit card.

The partnership is designed to reach passengers as they explore a new city or during their regular commutes to work or home.

Cargo has installed boxes containing snacks, energy drinks, mobile electronics and other consumer goods in about 12,000 vehicles.

Cargo linked up with mobile payment service Venmo in November giving passengers the option to pay for products using the service. It also has an exclusive partnership with Uber, allowing drivers to pick up a product box at driver onboarding and support centres known as Uber Greenlight Hubs.

According to Bloomberg, the product distribution channel completes a transaction every 5.39 seconds, while products reach nine million passengers a month.

SeatGeek last year partnered with ride-hailing company Lyft to make it easier for ticket buyers to reserve rides to and from stadiums, theatres, arenas and other venues offering live entertainment.

Image: Cargo