Ticket prices for Liverpool’s potential Premier League title game have skyrocketed on resale sites, reaching as much as £6,000 ($7,900/€6,900).

The final game of the season is against Wolverhampton Wanderers at Anfield on May 12, which could see Liverpool lift the trophy for the first time in 29 years.

Prices for home games usually range from £37 to £59 for adults, though the cheapest on secondary website livefootballtickets.com are £1,100 each for the final game.

The cost of a seat in lower tier block KK are costing as much as £5,950 each, while hospitality packages for the game are being offered for £4,999 on the same site.

Liverpool has no control over the prices resale sites charge, though the Premier League club has the ability to take legal action if any fan is caught selling their season tickets.

An industry insider told the Mirror: “Liverpool v Wolves is the big ticket in football because fans want to be there, especially if Liverpool are going for the title on the last day, fans from overseas are willing to pay anything to be there if history is made.

“Of course, it’s a gamble for fans. Liverpool may not even be in contention for the Premier League come May, if they’ve a blip and fall away people will have spent thousands for a ticket worth face value but that’s the game.”

Image: Ruaraidh Gillies