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New Facebook features to ‘help people spend time together’

Facebook has rolled out new features that encourage event discovery and help organisers see how much traction their ticketing page is getting.

The social media giant has introduced a counter revealing how many people have viewed an event’s ticket page over a specific time period.

A Facebook spokesperson told AdWeek: “This is one feature that is part of our overall efforts to help people spend time together in the real world.”

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it wanted to make it easier for users to share events and coordinate with friends before an event.

It tested a feature that gives users the option to share events they are interested in in their Stories. The test has a new option to “Share to Your Story” that appears when you visit an event’s page on Facebook. 

A sticker within a person’s Story will then appear that includes event details and gives friends the option to respond if they’re also “interested” from within the Story.

The sticker is also clickable and will redirect users to the event page. The new feature also offers a list of friends who plan to attend the event so a group chat can be created with those users.

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