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Canadian government says TM not facilitating mass scalping

The Canadian government has today (Friday) revealed Ticketmaster has not been overcharging for concert tickets by using bots following an investigation.

Several formal complaints were filed to Canada’s Competition Bureau accusing Ticketmaster of allowing mass scalping though its Tradedesk software, according to CTV News.

The complaints also noted that if this were true, the firm would be enabling touts to drive the cost of concert tickets up.

The Canadian Competition Bureau said in a release: “Because tickets are purchased as they become available, there is a perceived scarcity, which may lead to increased prices for consumers.”

The investigation looked into whether Tradedesk was abusing ticket prices by using bots and whether or not it violated the country’s anti-competitive business laws.

Despite public backlash, the investigation found no evidence of Ticketmaster facilitating mass scalping via bots.

“Recently, allegations were made that Ticketmaster facilitated the mass scalping of tickets through the use of its software, TradeDesk,” reads the release from the Competition Bureau. “However, the Competition Bureau has examined the matter and has concluded that this conduct has not contravened the Competition Act”.

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