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Crypto wallet and ICO app Zilla launches ticketing feature

Zilla, an ICO platform and multi-crypto wallet, has expanded to begin offering ticketing for events such as conferences, using gamification methods to incentivise engagement.

The firm claims that it sets itself apart from other ticketing services such as Eventbrite and Peatix as it sends an airdrop of exchange-listed tokens when users check-in to events, as well as using its Point Coins loyalty system.

Point Coins are loyalty points on the blockchain that will “do to events what ICOs did to crowdfunding,” the company states.

The company’s founder, Abasa Phillips, said, according to Mickey: “Point Coins are loyalty point tokens for paid events. When you get tickets on our platform, you are automatically sent Point Coins for that event to your wallet.

“The intention is not to be listed on exchanges, rather to incentivise attendees to continue to attend that series of events by giving Point Coin holders access to after parties, give-aways, discounts, and other cool things.”

Phillips also said that the ticketing feature will solve a number of problems for crypto enthusiasts. He said: “I search on Eventbrite to find blockchain events, but they are mixed in with general fintech events, so I end up missing some conferences.”

The Zilla app, which was approved by the Apple store in early 2018, is now available on both App Store and Google Play, with the events feature to be launched on February 6.

Image: Credit: BeatingBetting.co.uk