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Ticketing ‘shambles’ for The Greatest Dancer

Many people were left waiting outside of the BBC studios in London this weekend after The Greatest Dancer’s live show oversubscribed its ticket availability.

Applause Store, which runs events for Simon Cowell’s Syco productions, has apologised for leaving fans outside for hours without access to seating or toilets.

One fan told the Irish Examiner: “We were told that rehearsal had overrun, there was a delay in security and that they still didn’t know how many they needed. However, by three hours standing in low temperatures, and with some of the kids dressed up but not warmly, the situation was very poor.

“Somebody pleaded with the Applause Store staff to admit the person in the wheelchair but they said that they couldn’t.”

He added: “Shambles is a good word for it.”

An Applause Store spokesman said: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused this evening. Due to a number of factors including the bad weather and this being the first live episode of The Greatest Dancer we unfortunately had to disappoint some people this evening.

“As tickets are free, we have to legislate for some absences in advance. For the first live show of The Greatest Dancer, there was a higher proportion of attendees than had been anticipated.

“Admission is not guaranteed for any show and all seats are limited. Ticketholders are also admitted on a first come, first served basis, based on the capacity of the studio. This is clearly stated on our website and all our tickets.

“We consider carefully how many extra tickets to issue for each show, and it is rare we have to disappoint ticketholders. All ticketholders that did not gain access to the studio this evening will be re-invited back to another one of our shows with priority entrance, subject to availability.”

Image: Pxhere