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Viagogo says tickets are invalid to comply with court order

Viagogo has reportedly told potential customers that every ticket on its website is invalid in order to comply with a court order.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) expressed that it had “serious concerns” that the controversial ticketing site has not complied with a legal order and threatened returning to court.

Viagogo has been legally required to “overhaul” the way it does business and comply with a wide range of consumer protection legislation.

These changes include making sure ticket listings clearly and prominently disclose details like seat location, restrictions on use, face value and whether or not the seller is a business.

Viagogo has now stated in each transaction that “resale of tickets is prohibited for this event” even in cases where resale is not banned.

Industry expert Reg Walker said, according to the Daily Record: “Viagogo’s statement on every ticket listing that they may be invalid is the same as a car showroom asking you to buy a vehicle on the basis that it may, or may not, work.”

Viagogo has also been ordered to stop presenting users with misleading messaging about the availability and popularity of tickets. It has also been pushed to take action when notified by an event organiser about problems with a ticket listing. It was also supposed to carry out an independently supervised review of unpaid refund claims going back to 2016.

Adam Webb, of campaign group FanFair Alliance, said: “This looks like a desperate and cynical ploy to bypass the demands of the court order.

“We’re left in this bizarre situation where Viagogo falsely claims resale is prohibited on all its listings, but is then overridden by their guarantee. It’s ridiculous.”

Viagogo has responded: “All tickets on Viagogo are valid and it is perfectly legal to resell a ticket or give it to someone else if you want to.”

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