Gametime, the last-minute mobile ticket marketplace, has launched its LastCall feature allowing users to buy tickets up to 90 minutes after an event kicks off.

The move is an extension on the ticketing company’s late purchasing model, which was founded in 2012 and allowed users to purchase passes up to the start of an event.

Gametime explained that 48 hours prior to a Major League Baseball game, the average price is $48 (€42/£37), but falls drastically 90 minutes after the first pitch to $13. The average length of an MLB game is three hours, meaning Gametime customers could catch the full second half.

Founder and chief executive of Gametime, Brad Griffith, told Tech Crunch that the company is “doubling down” on the last-last-minute category of tickets, adding that it’s “constantly working through” what it’s actually including under the LastCall umbrella.

He added: “The key element is the research that we’ve done, how it relates to the growth of this phenomenon.”

The research included a survey of 287 event attendees, with 27 per cent saying they already purchased tickets after an event’s start time, and 62 per cent of those late buyers were either Generation Z or millennials.

Gametime’s primary focus has been sporting events but its new feature will list tickets from a wider variety of live events including concerts. Griffith said concerts are now the app’s fastest-growing category, and he suggested that this approach could help with the declining number of total concert tickets sold.

“We’re starting to see a bifurcation of windows, where the on-sale is still healthy, is strong, and the middle is maybe cratering in terms of transaction volume,” he said. “And then last-minute is vibrant and growing fast. That is where we aim to do our best work.”

Image: Gametime Facebook