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Stay22 adds Ticketsource to portfolio

Event and travel technology firm Stay22 has signed up Ticketsource to help people travelling to events find accommodation near the venue.

Stay22 is a venue-centric accommodation map that displays hotel and Airbnb listings side by side.

The company features almost 32 million bookable listings in over 220 countries and territories, highlighting the lowest available prices for customers purchasing tickets.

“Stay22 is proud to partner with Ticketsource to help their event-goers find the best places to stay when attending their favourite events,” said Mohamad Al Sadoon, marketing director for Stay22. “Together, we believe that providing a great experience in finding accommodation comes hand-in-hand as part of the ultimate event experience.”

Ticketsource, an online ticket sales system that was established in 2004, is used by thousands of event organisers and venues across the UK, EU and US.

The ticketing firm’s users will now have access to accommodation listings embedded in the booking process, with options presented in a clickable map.

Phill Picton, business development manager for Ticketsource, said: “The interactive map makes it really easy to find the closest and most suitable accommodation to the event.

“Displaying hotels and Airbnb together is a great benefit, allowing customers to compare everything in one place.”

Image: Ticketsource