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Record quarter for Eventim ticketing

CTS Eventim has seen a record quarter in its ticketing revenue with year-on-year earnings for the same segment up by 6.9 per cent organically to €447.1m (£385m/$508m).

Online ticketing saw a volume growth rate of 10.9 per cent over the course of the year, jumping from 48.9 million to 54.3 million in 2018. The rise marks the first time Eventim has sold over 50 million tickets via its own web shops in a single calendar year.

Twenty million of those sales were accounted for by the fourth quarter alone, during which the ticketing segment reached its highest quarterly revenue ever of €170.5m with normalised EBITDA of €93.7m.

Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, chief executive of CTS Eventim, said: “Our financials show that we are able to further develop CTS Eventim from a position of strength. In ticketing, we increased our growth momentum over the course of the year, and in live entertainment, we consolidated our leading role in Europe with well-attended tours and further acquisitions. By winning the contract for collecting the passenger vehicle toll in Germany, we also demonstrated that we can successfully transfer our existing competencies into new business areas.”

The firm’s live entertainment sector recorded a significant revenue boost of 29.7 per cent to €812.5m for the year. The rise is partly due to Eventim’s acquisitions in Italy and Spain, as well as a higher number of well-attended tours compared with 2017.

Eventim group revenues also jumped up by 20.1 per cent year-on-year to €1.24bn, with normalised EBITDA increasing by 12.9 per cent to €231.1m.

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