A new study predicts live events will be slow to adopt contactless and wearable ticketing, despite the number of users of the technology estimated to triple by 2023.

The forecast report by Juniper Research claims contactless users across live events and transport will jump from 180 million this year to 468 million in four years time.

Contactless passes for events will reach 800 million to make up 6.5 per cent of all digital event tickets. Meanwhile, wearable ticketing transactions will account for less than five per cent of total digital ticketing, due to the idea that devices like hybrid smartwatches aren’t “sophisticated enough to handle contactless ticketing.”

Research author Nick Maynard said: “With far higher compatibility with devices and lower installation costs than with contactless, QR-code mobile app ticketing will dominate events ticketing. Mobile app ticketing for events will allow targeted advertising to fans, as well as ticketing anti-fraud measures, which will add value for venues”.

Juniper predicts that QR codes are likely to remain more popular for live events than contactless methods that use NFC technology. However, tickets on mobile apps allow for targeted advertising to fans along with anti-fraud measures, according to Maynard.

The study also found public transport is expected to drive most of the growth in this kind of ticketing, particularly in cities. Subway and bus ticketing will make up 86 per cent of all contactless ticketing in 2023.

Image: kalhh