Eventbrite-owned Ticketfly has been successful in its lawsuit against New Parish’s former club owner Jason Perkins.

The lawsuit’s rare request for terminating sanctions was granted after a judge denied an effort by Perkins to get out of a lawsuit over unpaid advances from Ticketfly dating back to 2014.

“We’re pleased that this has finally come to resolution with the court dismissing the case in our favour, awarding Ticketfly terminating and monetary sanctions,” a statement from Ticketfly’s owner Eventbrite read after judge Harold Kahn ruled that Perkins’ behaviour would “seriously prejudice Eventbrite at trial.”

Perkins had missed several deadlines, ignored court orders and failed to appear for a mandatory deposition in the five-year-old case.

The former club owner has been ordered to pay more than $7,000 (£5,300/€6,200) in legal fees to Eventbrite’s attorneys. Perkins could also face a default judgement that could cost another $500,000.

In a different lawsuit, settled earlier this year, Ticketfly accused Perkins of defaulting on an exclusive ticketing deal he had signed with Ticketfly.

Image: Pxhere