The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has reassured ticket-holders that they will receive refunds after the Lahore legs of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) were moved to Karachi.

The move was initiated after the tournament broadcaster complained of logistical problems due to Lahore airport’s closure. All three matches that were scheduled in Lahore are now to be played at the National Stadium in Karachi.

The Pakistan government had closed its airspace for domestic and international flights amid escalating tension with India.

A PCB spokesman said: “As is the case for all online sales, fans who purchased tickets through will have their transactions reversed on to their credit/debit cards in the next few days without needing to go to the TCS centres.”

Tickets that were purchased physically will be refunded after March 18 through dedicated TCS centres across the country.

The spokesman continued: “Ticket for the March 7 match will be valid for the March 11 double-header. With approximately 85 per cent of tickets already sold, the remaining 15 per cent of tickets are still up for grabs, which can be purchased at the original price of the March 7 match. Tickets for the March 9 and 14 matches will be made available shortly for purchase. Further details will be provided in due course.”

Tickets for matches in Karachi remain valid.

During the announcement of the rescheduled location, PCB chairman Ehsan Mani said: “It is unfortunate that the headquarters of Pakistan cricket will be unable to host the PSL matches in 2019 due to no fault of the PCB, but this is a small sacrifice for a bigger and larger national cause.”

Image: Younisjunejo