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Portsmouth CEO confident over Wembley ticket policy

Portsmouth FC’s chief executive is hoping to shift 36,000 more seats than the club’s highest attendance in order to pack Wembley Stadium for the Checkatrade Trophy final.

The League One club has requested an allocation of 39,659 for the event, despite its highest home attendance in the tournament being 3,138.

Season ticket holders and those who have previously been to a Checkatrade Trophy match can buy up to six tickets.

The club’s boss Mark Catlin said he understands it’s a huge ask to fill the allocation, but he believes the ticketing policy will help to sell out with more than 14,000 season ticket holders.

He said, according to the Portsmouth News: “We had quite a lengthy discussion and looked at how season-ticket holders might want to bring members of their family and friends, with the opportunity to sit together.

“During chats behind the scenes, some pushed for unlimited seats, but we felt six was the right figure. When given 39,659 seats, our primary objective is to sell out the tickets. What we didn’t want was to restrict season-ticket holders unduly and then find we had some left at the end.

“Our main concern was actually getting bums on seats and I still think it’s the right policy. Having said that, it is going to be a tough call to sell 39,659, so I’m relatively confident tickets will end up on general sale.

“People who may miss out are those never to have been at a Checkatrade Trophy game and are not season-ticket holders. I would be amazed if it was the case none went on general sale. It wouldn’t surprise me, but I would be amazed.

“Our initial thoughts were to pack Wembley, that’s what we want to do. By giving season ticket-holders the option to buy six, we felt that can enable us to sell 39,659 – and we stand by that.”

Portsmouth will play either Bristol Rovers or Sunderland on March 31 at the 90,000-seat Wembley Stadium.

Image: Glenn Merrett