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Passphere merges with iTICKET 

Start-up technology firm Passphere Group has merged with ticketing company iTICKET in a move that promises the “ultimate experience” for customers in New Zealand.

Passphere’s new booking and analytics platform is hoping to accommodate all forms of event or transaction that requires booking to attend. The firm’s chief executive Ezel Kokcu said the new platform is “committed to resolving some of the biggest issues of ticketing for both promoters and customers.”

She continued: “The ticketing industry is currently struggling with legacy technology. Fans all over the world are frustrated with issues that ruin the experience of going to an event; problems at the online checkout, delays to get in the entrance to see their favourite artist and the complete nightmare that is the ticket reselling market.”

Using white label integration, direct API access, and intuitive booking technology, the Passphere platform aims to enhance the customer journey from point of purchase right through to arriving at an event.

In addition, the company hopes to reduce ticket fraud and unauthorised re-selling by giving promoters and customers more flexible refund, exchange and resale options.

Kokcu added: “We want to bring back the fundamental experience of attending events with family and friends, without the hassles that inflexible ticketing can bring.”

iTICKET chief executive Reece Preston said the ticketing industry has “evolved at an incredible rate over the past few years, and with its new technology, Passphere Group will be at the forefront of delivering a reimagined ticketing experience for both promoters and customers.”

He continued: “By combining iTICKET’s years of local ticketing experience with Passphere’s world-class scale technology and advanced analytics, we are boosting our ability to deliver powerful event ticketing. Our new offering positions us perfectly for future growth, both in New Zealand and oversea.”

Image: anna m. w