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Red Hot Chili Peppers VIPs penned in ‘cage’

Red Hot Chili Peppers fans that purchased VIP tickets for the band’s Auckland concert have complained after reportedly being “caged” in at the side of the stage.

Hundreds of people paid upwards of NZ$450 (£234/€273/$307) for VIP access at the Spark Arena gig on Friday, but were left feeling ripped off.

VIP ticket holder Kelly Whitham told the New Zealand Herald they were pushed to the side of the stage while general admission ticket holders were given access to the front of the stage. The organiser’s concert map shows VIPs would be positioned at the front of the stage.

Whitham told the Herald: “When we first walked in we had to go through a specific VIP door and someone then asked us if we wanted to go on Flea or Josh’s side of the stage.

“We thought that was a bit weird as the stadium map showed the whole front was meant to be cordoned off for VIPs. We decided to go on Flea’s side but when we walked into the stadium the staff directed us to the side of the stage to a penned off area. We were blocked in and weren’t allowed to go to any other VIP areas. Everyone was questioning what the hell was going on.

“Our area was cordoned off right under the giant spotlights so our vision was obstructed by the massive lights all night. Flea was in front of us for maybe one song because we were pushed so far to the side. Two-thirds of the front of the stage was all general admission.

“The reason we all paid big money was to get close to the stage, but we had general admission ticket holders right up the front instead.”

Image: Shane Hirschman