Ticketmaster has appointed former HotelTonight executive Karen Klein as its new executive vice president and general counsel.

Klein will be responsible for leading Ticketmaster’s legal, government affairs, public policy and human resources teams.

At the online hotel booking firm HotelTonight, she held the roles of chief administrative officer and general counsel. Prior to that, Klein was general counsel at Kayak and led the global legal team at Orbitz.

“Karen has unparalleled experience with some of the world’s leading consumer brands,” Ticketmaster president Jared Smith said. “Her extensive background in technology, and specifically the travel industry, provides her with the unique ability to step in and effectively help manage and educate on the complex issues that face large global e-commerce companies like Ticketmaster.”

Klein added: “I’ve been fortunate enough to work with innovative companies using technology to both disrupt industries and create new ways for consumers to access experiences.

“The team at Ticketmaster has been doing just that in the live event space as the global industry leader in ticketing.”

Image: picryl