Ticketing sites should “be prepared” to defend against the 40 per cent of bad bots that are responsible for all ticketing website traffic, according to Distil Research Lab.

The study, “How Bots Affect Ticketing,” highlights that primary markets have a higher volume of bot traffic with 42.2 per cent, compared to secondary markets that see 23.9 per cent and venues with 26.5 per cent.

Ticketing websites and mobile apps hold all event information, including seat availability at different pricing tiers, payment processes, and different methods of delivery for purchased tickets.

Bot operators are constantly looking at these features to find ways to gain access to tickets to resell them at inflated prices. The report says that ticketing companies need to take a proactive approach on defending the organisation.

The study adds that bots are generally launched from five distinct kinds of operators including brokers, hospitality agencies, corporations, individual scalpers and criminals.

According to the report, ticketing firms need to constantly adapt and change to defend against each of these and their respective tactics.

Failing to do so could mean weakened brand loyalty, frustrated fans, lost revenue, site slow down, and more.

Image: Distil