NBA basketball franchise the Sacramento Kings has significantly improved its marketing with fans who may never have purchased a ticket previously via its partnership with Salesforce.

Phil Horn, the Kings’ senior vice president of sales and service, said the software packages track how fans are experiencing a game on an ongoing basis.

The team experienced a 25 per cent increase in season ticket renewals — the highest rate in a decade — after deploying Salesforce.

Horn noted that teams used to reach out to season ticket holders after the season to gauge their experience.

Now with the Salesforce software tracking it continuously, the team can track when a ticket holder skips three or four games in a row, and reach out to ask why or suggest using the team’s ticket resale option.

“Technology enables us to give our fans a world-class experience from the moment they buy their ticket to the time they set foot in the arena – and we’re excited to build on this already robust system to guide more useful and active conversations with our customers,” said Horn.

“Salesforce allows us to understand what our fans want and need, with one complete view of our customer data that can scale as fast as our rapidly growing fanbase. You can’t afford to not have technology like Salesforce at the centre of your customer relationship.”

The Kings track sales data of season tickets, packages, group tickets, ticket support, operations and sponsorships, which Salesforce can translate on an ongoing basis, to tell the team about accounts at risk or new opportunities.

Horn said the cloud packages also monitor people buying tickets through its resale platform. If someone purchased a resold ticket to a particular opponent, or for particular days, it can suggest getting in touch with the fan with a product based around those buying preferences.

Image: Lisa Nottingham